Amazing Performances From Minnesota’s Own!

If you were not there, we have to tell you that you missed the event of the 2016 Spring season in the Twin Cities blues music world!

See the videos below and Enjoy a little of our performances from yesterday at the Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) Tribute Show at the Minnesota Music Cafe with Minnesota’s Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Jimi ‘Prime Time’ Smith, the incredible guitarists Ken Valdez and Brian Naughton! These cats are off the hook!

There were many more musicians on stage performing Stevie Ray Vaughan songs (Joy Parker, Mark Lamoine of Sweet Tea, Crooked Dice, Joey Flip, Alex Rossi, Cole Allen and Ross William Perry and we were lucky to be able to watch their incredible tribute SRV performances!

Follow #SRVTrib2016 to see more photos and videos from the SRV Tribute event.

We would like to say thank you to BWS Productions (Shirley Smith) and to JF Music (Joe Filipovich) for creating this awesome event and for inviting us to share the stage with some of Minnesota’s  most talented blues musicians!


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