Today in 2013, the Groove Merchants continue moving forward, playing rock, rhythm and blues music in the tradition as established by the Groove Merchants’ late and great singer and leader, Big Walter Smith.  Although Walter is no longer on stage with the band, his spirit, memory, and traditions live on in every performance by the Groove Merchants.  Every night, the Groove Merchants aim to play the music in a manner that would make Walter happy and proud.

The Groove Merchants Band

The Groove Merchants Band

The current lineup includes the superb and soulful, 100% authentic singing and guitar playing of Bluesman Jimi “Primetime” Smith.  The band size is scaled to the event, consisting of the rhythm section of bass, drums, keyboards and/or guitar, and often including a horn section.  The band plays a wide variety of soulful and rootsy sounds full of feeling, always guaranteed to keep listeners and dancers happy.  The Groove Merchants trademark sounds are that of soaring blues guitar, rich Hammond organ, rootsy piano, tight bass and drums, punchy horns, and fabulous instrumental soloists, all backing a soulful, 100 proof blues singer.  It is always a winning combination.

When people spend an evening with the Groove Merchants, they always enjoy themselves and the music with their friends, and wonder where the time went.  When the night ends, they always go home happy.

The Groove Merchants Band Logo
Click on the names to read the bios!
Scott Graves (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, Musical Director)
Steve Anderson (Bass)
Ben Irving (Drums)
Tim Wick (Keyboards)
Don Vidal (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone)
Andrew Schwandt (Tenor Saxophone)
Randy “BigSlide” Evensen (Trombone)

*Featuring* Jimi “Primetime” Smith (Vocals & Guitar)


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