Ben Irvin | Drums | Musician

Ben Irvin

Ben Irvin, drums

The harmonies of groups like The Delfonics, The Dramatics, and The Dells, along with bands like War, and Earth, Wind and Fire, and many others, helped in the process of honing his vocal skills to provide background vocals when needed.

Bens professional career started when he landed a  gig at the  Sha-Ra Lounge in the early  80s with bluesman Albert Washington that featured Ed Thompson on guitar. Big Ed, as he was called, soon left the group and started Big Ed Thompson and the All-Stars which Ben later joined. The All-Stars became so immensely popular that they were voted  The Best Blues Band in the Cincinnati Tri-State area for five consecutive years, and also was the opening act at the  International Blues Festival in Utrecht, Holland in 1988.

Ben has performed and recorded with many blues artists including: Keith Little, Trudy Lynn, Chick Willis, and many others. His most notable recording is Lucky Petersons  Lifetime CD produced by Bootsy Collins.


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