SCOTT GRAVES (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, Musical Director)

Scott is the senior member of the Groove Merchants as lead guitarist since 1992. He now wears the hat of musical director as

Senior member of The Groove Merchants

Scott Graves

well, working on the bands arrangements with Walter in his home studio, and co-produced the bands last two CDs.

Growing up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota, Scott first learned to pick Hank Williams songs on an old flat-top guitar his parents got him for his 10th birthday. Reading the credits and liner notes to all the Rolling Stones, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and other British invasion bands of the day led him to the old blues masters. Johnny Winter was another important early influence and link to other bluesmen.

Scott continues to listen to a lot of the late great blues players–Albert Collins, Albert King, Freddie King–along with some more recent favorites like Snooks Eaglin, John Mooney and Chris Cain. Hes also taking jazz guitar lessons to round out his stylebook.

Scott played with a number of bands around the Twin Cities and Rochester area in the 70s and 80s. He had a gig playing keyboards with Alexander O’Neal and played with Percy Strothers before being recruited by Walter in 1991. Scott says he’s often wondered why he didn’t pursue this gig a lot sooner. The Groove Merchants, he says, is the perfect place for him to stretch out his chops within the framework of a terrific blues/r&b band. That and working behind Walter is what’s kept him here so long. Most recently, hes been writing music for Walters lyrics for material on the new CD.

Scott, born in 1957, lives in Excelsior, and has two boys; Michael, born 1987, and Paul, 1992. Michael got a new Fender Stratocaster for his 12th birthday. Wonder who picked that out?


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