Whiskey Junction Tribute to Big Walter

Whiskey Junction Blues Vocal All-Star Series
With a special tribute to Big Walter Smith
Whiskey Junction – Minneapolis, MN
June 18, 2001

This Monday night show was another is the blues all-star series that the Whiskey Junction puts on from time to time (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals). These events are always a fun time where we get to see 8 or 9 exceptional area blues bands/musicians perform in half hour sets. These Monday night shows are also well attended and I find many fans look forward to the night. This particular show was as well publicized as some of the others but the turn out was still impressive for a weeknight show. It was also billed as a tribute to local blues legend, Big Walter Smith. Many of the performers (maybe all of them) have played with Big Walter at one time or another in their careers so this night’s show was a way for them to thank Walter for his support over the years. Looking forward to the next show in the series. Enjoy some of the pictures from this night. Scheduled performer vocalists included: Big Walter Smith, Noelle, Joel Johnson, Wilbur Cole (SoulMates), Maurice Jacox (Soul Tight Committee), Jeff Mark (Highway 61), Bill Swanson (Inside Straight), Big John Dickerson, Deb Brown (Blond Faith). Matt Farrell substituted in the Tom Hunter Band for Tom who was having his appendix removed (some excuse hey?).

by Ray Stiles
Photography copyright © 2001
by Ray Stiles, all rights reserved.


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