2013 Minnesota Blues Hall Of Fame

Big Walter Smith — Blues Song “Brother To The Blues”

2013 Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame

A “Brother To The Blues” is dedicated to Albert Collins, Albert King and Larry “Big Twist” Nolan. You have left us, but your music will live on forever. Your inspiration was a great influence in my career. A special thanks for “Brother To The Blues,” written by my long time friend, Jeff Mark. Thanks to Doug, Brent and JoMo for their written contributions to the Groove Merchants tunes also arranged by Scott, Deevo, Tom and Chris and our sound technician extraordinaire, Todd K. Thanks to all our families for their understanding and support. Most of all to our fans for loving the blues. All of you are “Brothers To The Blues.” Please keep the blues alive. — Big Walter Smith

For over 40 years, Big Walter Smith has been polishing the big-city urban blues sound that’s been his vehicle on the nightclub circuit throughout America’s heartland. And like a classic automobile, it’s ready for showtime. “Brother To The Blues,” his debut CD release, puts Big Walter in the driver’s seat for a cruise through 13 blues and R&B classics and originals, paying tribute enroute to late blues brother Albert Collins, Albert King and Big Twist. Propelled by the high-octane horns and fine-tuned rhythm section of the Groove Merchants, “Brother To The Blues” is a sparkling showcase for Big Walter’s silky vocals. The blues, has never run so smooth. Get in take it for a spin. The tank’s full…enjoy the ride! — Karl Bremer

Big Walter Smith (lead vocals)
Chris Niesen (bass, backup vocals)
Darold “Deevo” McCray (guitar)
Scott Graves (keyboards, guitar, backup vocals)
Tom McShane (drums)
Doug “Doogie” Little (alto saxophone)
F. Brent Eggert (tenor saxophone)
Arthur “Jomo Tar-V” Branscomb (trumpet, backup vocals)
Executive producer: Shirley King
Produced by Chris Niesen
Engineered by Chris Niesen & Todd Krueger
Recorded & mixed at Track Studios, St. Paul, MN
Photography: Chris Niesen
Management: BWS Productions–Shirley Smith
Cover Design: Johnny Hanson & Romeo Azar

Source: Greater Minnesota Blues Society


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