Big Storm Comin’–Live at the Whiskey!

(1991 BWS & GM Music)

Side A:

300 Pounds (W. Dixon>
Big Storm Comin’ (S. Reichel)
Walking The Backstreets and Crying (S. Jones)
The Only Thing That Saved Me (D. Carter, J. Shaw)
Jealous Man (A. Corthen)

Side B:

Part Time Love (H. Escort)
Hold On, I’m Coming’ (Hayes & Porter)
Talk To Me (Single, McRae)
Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around the World) (T. Turner)
The Blues Is Alright (M. Campbell)

Big Walter Smith (lead vocals)
Tom Sampson (guitar)
Bruce “The Groove King” Koenig (keyboards, harmonica & backup vocals)
Grant Yetter (trumpet)
Paul Strickland (saxophone)
Chris Niesen (bass)
Donald “Hye Pockets” Robertson (drums, backup vocals)

Produced by Chris Niesen
Assistant producer: Curt Behm
Location recording engineer: Don Bayless
Mixdown engineer: Tom Siler
Mixed at Track Records Studios, St. Paul, MN
Cover photography/artwork: Chris Niesen and Therese Mervar
Recorded live at Whiskey Junction, Mpls., MN Feb. 9, 1991


This recording is dedicated to my wife and manager, Shirley Smith who always encouraged and believed in us.



A very special thank you to Gary, Dan & Craig Mackenzie. Our #1 sound tech, Curt Behm, our great band, Gene Wegner, Linda Schaumburg, Karl Bremer, blues fans, and our wonderful families and friends for their constant support.


Contact Shirley B. Smith at BWS Productions MN to own/purchase this CD

View all of Big Walter Smith & The Groove Merchants Band CDs here


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